King's Talent Bank

What is King's Talent Bank?

It​ is a​ ​single portal to access non-permanent talent, including: King's College London student workers, temporary staff, alumni, visiting lecturers and contractors. The Talent Bank can be searched by managers at KCL.

King’s Talent Bank supports KCL’s student employability promises, so if you are currently studying at KCL at any level, or have recently graduated we invite you to join our talent bank so you can be alerted of suitable temporary work opportunities across all our faculties and campuses.

Join King's Talent Bank

Open to KCL Students, Alumni and Other Talented Individuals

KCL Students

The benefits to you as students, apart from the additional income, is that you can get experience and exposure to different types of work which will provide you with valuable workplace skills, experience and confidence.


If you have recently graduated from King’s you can register with the King’s Talent Bank as a member of KCL Alumni and continue to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience from one of the world's leading universities.

You ?

Interested in undertaking temporary work for King’s College London one of England's oldest and most prestigious universities? Just follow the link below to register to receive notifications of job adverts and opportunities.

Worker FAQs

Am I allowed to work whilst I'm studying?

During term time, students are limited to working 20 hours per week. This maybe less depending on your visa requirements.

Am I allowed to work whilst I'm overseas?

KCL/KTB is a UK organisation and UK employer, so in order to pay and tax people correctly, candidates need to reside in the UK, on the UK payroll, paid to a UK bank and taxed accordingly.

As a minimum criteria, if you want to register to King's Talent Bank you must have a UK address and UK bank details under your name.

If I'm an Overseas Student, can I work while I'm in the UK?

If you hold a Tier 4 visa, and your visa states that work is permitted, then you can work. If you are doing a full-time degree-level course, then you should be able to work 20 hours per week during term time, and full-time during your vacations. If you are doing a course that is below degree level (such as a foundation course or Pre-sessional English course), then you should be able to work 10 hours per week during term time, and full-time during your vacations. The key is to check your visa sticker and/or Biometric Residence Permit.

If you are in the UK as a Standard Visitor or as a Short-term Student, you will not be able to do any work.

Please download the advice guide below for more information on working during studying.

Do not forget to complete your New Starter Checklist to ensure you are paying the correct tax. Please click here and complete this form and submit to


Students studying at King’s College London or those who have recently graduated can register to join King’s Talent Bank.

We also open registration to members of the public who wish to be considered for temporary contracts at King’s College London.

Yes, King’s Talent Bank is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioners Office and ensures:

  • All data is stored in the EU in an ISO 27001:2005 certified data centre.
  • Bank details are stored in an encrypted format blowfish encryption algorithm and only ever displayed back using the last few characters, e.g. XX-XX-75 (sort code) XXXX9876 (account number).
  • All data is captured and sent using 128 bit SSL encryption.
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Student Employability

As well as delivering world-class education King's College London wants its students to gain valuable work experience before graduation.
In the last 12 months:


Assignments Offered


Hours Completed


Registered Workers

What our Talent Bank workers say

An excellent experience!

.... this is a truly professional organisation that definitely succeeds in delivering an outstanding customer service!

Maria Panayiotou
PhD in Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering research

Great service!

.... especially from the Customer Services team who are always on hand to answer and solve everything!

Laura Crouch
Research Grants & Contracts Associate​, KCL Worker

Information for Managers

Flexible, online temporary recruitment

King’s Talent Bank enables managers to hire students, alumni and temporary workers - for a few hours, days or weeks at a time. This very flexible resource pool is powered by a set of online recruiting tools which advertise work opportunities, manage the responses and offer paid assignments.

Full transparency of Worker's Pay, along with the mandatory employment costs (e.g. Holiday Pay, National Insurance and Pension), is provided across the system.

Workers submit timesheets online each week for managers to approve, and the appropriate department is charged for the hours used.

Our partner, Keystone Employment Group, complete and report on all compliance issues, such as: Identity checks, Eligibility, Equal Opportunities and provide a HMRC compliant payroll service.

How do KCL managers access King’s Talent Bank?

Managers who are currently registered on DirectTemping can use the LOGIN link above and use your email address and existing password.

New managers requiring access have two options:

  1. Use this link to email the Customer Services team; or
  2. A faster option is to ask a colleague currently using the system to use the 'Invite Colleague' option (3rd on the menu).

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Customer Services Team:

What our managers say

I have been working with Keystone for several years, and their service has always been impressive.

.... their understanding of the evolving business needs and culture of an institution such as King’s College London enables them to provide us with excellent support to our managers as clients, and to our high calibre registered workers. The facility of a dedicated King’s worker web page ensures smooth registration and convenient management of a wide range of roles for temporary staff. The team have always been professional, reliable, quick to respond to requests for advice and processing registrations and assignments, through to prompt payment. They offer the convenience of personal on-site support, as well as their online helpline manned by friendly, helpful staff. Managing temporary staff has improved dramatically since they began to work with us, and I would not hesitate in recommending their service.

Lesley Nott
Business Development Manager, Forensic Science Programme and DNA analysis

In the two years I have been using Keystone their services have proved to be invaluable to me

.... when my team needs extra support, or we receive a resignation, Keystone are the first people I call as their fast response times, high calibre of candidates and the level of service they offer means that I know that the recruitment will be taken care of.

Lucy Randall
Academic Services Centre Team Leader, Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

Manager FAQs

This is a new and improved way to hire King’s College London students, alumni and other temporary workers and is provided in conjunction with the Keystone Group. This new undertaking will allow us to develop the facility further and to provide more opportunities for students and alumni to get work experience in a more cost efficient way.

Also, by partnering with the Keystone Group, who provided DirectTemping, we aim to keep the high standards of service you have become used to. Keystone will also be rolling out some new features to the online portal plus an improved user-interface with enhanced reporting capabilities.

In addition to the gross pay the worker receives, you will be charged the mandatory costs (ie National Insurance and Pension), plus a small fee for the service. These fees are shown on the online system when you enter details of the salary so that you can clearly see all additional fees incurred and what you will have to pay on top of the worker’s gross pay.

If you already employ staff on a casual basis then using the student recruitment system allows you to access a ready pool of workers who are familiar with King’s and have a vested interest in its success as an institution. For the college as a whole, employing King’s students on campus provides opportunities to make new connections with the student body, finding out more about their expectations as well as fostering a closer sense of commitment between students and the College. In addition, the student will benefit from the experience of working in your department. One of the core aims of this initiative is to provide opportunities for students to enhance their employability, enabling students to learn more about the work of your department and develop their skills.

How many hours can students work per week?

  • The number of hours that a student can work per week depends on external regulations governing student working for international students as well as College regulations around working while studying.
  • International students will have a restriction on the number of hours that they can work per week.
  • Postgraduate Research Students - College regulations advise that a postgraduate research student should not commit to more than six hours of teaching per semester week (including lecturing, demonstrating practical classes, project supervision, tutorials and marking).
  • Before registering a student as a worker, Keystone will check all relevant visa documentation and place any limits on the number of hours a student can work directly onto their online record.

Please download the advice guide below for more information on student workers.


How much should I pay a worker?

  • The College has set rates of pay for different types of jobs. Information on the rates of pay are available on the HR ‘Hiring Students & causal workers’ web pages.

Am I expected to provide a formal induction for students or casual workers?

  • We would recommend that you arrange some form of induction at departmental level to ensure that your student and casual workers feel comfortable with the tasks they have to do and are familiar with the work of the Team and Department

What should be included in an induction for students and casual workers?

  • An example of the sorts of things that you might include in an induction is provided below. This is based on feedback from managers already using the system and students who have worked as temporary staff. Some students and casual workers will already be familiar with College structure from other assignments, but other students will require more background information.
  • Introductions to all team members
  • Introduction to the purpose and structure of the department
  • How the department fits into the wider College structures
  • Outline of key tasks and objectives
  • Key College policies/regulations (such as confidentiality policy)
  • Fire and evacuation procedures
  • Operational issues (lunch/break times, seating arrangements etc)
  • Any practical matters such as manual handling
  • Familiarity with the risk register.

For general HR advice please contact your local HR adviser.

For questions relating to King's Talent Bank and for all operational matters relating to assignments, compliance, timesheets and payroll contact the Keystone Customer Services team.

Contact Us

Compliance checks

To allow King’s Talent Bank to undertake your identity checks and make you compliant for work, please email or call us using the below details:

Email: or Phone: 0203 598 2773

You will be asked to download the right-to-work checking app, you will be required to take a picture of your passport and take a selfie to complete your verification. Please check your welcome email for the link to complete your right-to-work check.

*** King's Talent Bank - Performance Issues ***

We have completed the infrastructure upgrade but are experiencing a few data base and email performance issues. These won't affect any functionality, other than it may be a bit slower than normal for a 48 hours.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and please contact Customer Services if you have any questions or concerns.